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RecipientProject descriptionGrant amount (£)Grant date Descending OrderLocal authorityDistributing body
The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, KewThe Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew£27,399,40124/12/1996Mid SussexMillennium Commission
International Centre For Life TrustInternational Centre For Life Trust£31,521,07813/12/1996Newcastle upon TyneMillennium Commission
Birmingham Partnership for Change250 Awards made to young African Caribbean people living in Birmingham for local community initiatives.£540,48413/12/1996BirminghamMillennium Commission
CSV Scotland102 Awards made to people at risk of social exclusion living in Glasgow to tackle issues in their neighbourhoods.£391,97912/12/1996Glasgow CityMillennium Commission
Broads AuthorityA project to restore biodiversity and provide public access to Barton Broad the second largest shallow lake in the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads. Include...£1,195,95011/12/1996NorwichMillennium Commission
The Trustees of the Shri Venkateswara Temple of the United KOn a contaminated site in the West Midlands a multi-purpose community centre and Hindu Temple will be built in the traditional architectural style of ...£3,308,00011/12/1996SandwellMillennium Commission
Croydon Skyline Millennium TrustA project transforming many of the buildings in Croydon town centre with new lighting technology. Large images displaying public art and information a...£1,565,05511/12/1996CroydonMillennium Commission
The Parochial Church Council of St Margaret ThornburyThis new centre provides a new place of worship as well as a new focus for the local community. It is located on the site of a former church which was...£1,190,00011/12/1996BradfordMillennium Commission
British WaterwaysA project to restore 32 kilometres of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal to navigational standard. The 5.5km long Standedge Tunnel which is the longest dee...£14,851,24111/12/1996ManchesterMillennium Commission
The Trustees of the 1st Lawford Scout GroupA combined scouting headquarters and community centre designed for an expanding scout group and the local community. The building has been constructed...£270,00011/12/1996TendringMillennium Commission
Yorkshire Dales Millennium TrustAn umbrella scheme which will encourage communities to become active stakeholders in the future development of their local environment. It includes a ...£3,954,40011/12/1996CravenMillennium Commission
Ballymena Borough CouncilA new 57 hectare town park and environmental visitor and education centre. The main building will house the Northern Ireland Environmental Information...£4,944,12111/12/1996BallymenaMillennium Commission
Bristol 2000 LimitedBristol 2000 Limited£45,447,80221/11/1996Bristol, City ofMillennium Commission
Strangford Stone ConsortiumA 10-metre high megalith was raised using only the muscle power of 1000 young people to pull the stone in place. It is made of granite from the Mourne...£225,85013/11/1996DerryMillennium Commission
Isle of Wight CouncilA project comprising two visitor interpretation centres. At Sandown the exciting `Dinosaur Isle-+ is a visitor attraction based around the Isle of Wig...£2,307,59013/11/1996Isle of WightMillennium Commission
All Saints Millennium Trust (Darlington) LimitedA new community centre linked to All Saints Church which provides multi-purpose spaces for a diverse range of groups and activities. The design is sym...£438,51213/11/1996DarlingtonMillennium Commission
Cornwall Community Development LimitedAn umbrella scheme to develop more than 50 parish based community driven initiatives. These include village halls cycle paths and playing fields.£1,999,51913/11/1996CornwallMillennium Commission
The Gujarat Hindu SocietyThe South Meadow Lane Centre provides a new larger all purpose facility to accommodate an increased programme of social cultural and educational activ...£1,774,62813/11/1996PrestonMillennium Commission
The Trustees of the Cockshutt Village Hall TrustProject to build and equip a much needed facility to replace an existing dilapidated wooden structure. It will be energy efficient and facilitate use ...£162,50013/11/1996ShropshireMillennium Commission
The National TrustA residential activity centre located in Brancaster Staithe to be used by people of all ages and backgrounds involved in conservation and stewardship ...£371,89513/11/1996King's Lynn and West NorfolkMillennium Commission
Arthritis Care310 Awards made to people with arthritis to give them the skills and resources to help others with arthritis -+ the scheme has created a new national ...£725,78913/11/1996CamdenMillennium Commission
Community Foundation Serving Tyne and Wear and Northumberlan128 Awards made to existing and emerging community leaders to increase their skills and capacity to support their neighbourhoods across the North East...£518,65613/11/1996Newcastle upon TyneMillennium Commission
LandlifeLandlife£2,070,04506/11/1996KnowsleyMillennium Commission
BTCV500 Awards made to `Natural Pioneers-+ throughout the UK to give them the practical environmental skills needed to develop and lead their own communit...£1,659,54717/10/1996South OxfordshireMillennium Commission
Millennium Centres Charitable Development Company LimitedA project for nine Millennium Centres which provides a spread of facilities in different disadvantaged urban areas across Great Britain. These multi-u...£3,824,46416/10/1996Kensington and ChelseaMillennium Commission
New Haw and Woodham Community AssociationA project to extend and upgrade New Haw community centre. The existing facilities will be expanded by at least 50% providing a much needed space for t...£155,00016/10/1996RunnymedeMillennium Commission
Banbridge District CouncilThis project will create a new community centre for an isolated rural community near Newcastle Co. Down. With a catchment area of 5000 this project wi...£285,00016/10/1996BanbridgeMillennium Commission
Glasgow City CouncilA project to create two new Children-+s Centres in Glasgow. The scheme aims to provide a focus for the regeneration of social and physical fabric of t...£1,812,50016/10/1996Glasgow CityMillennium Commission
Young People's MarchA project to build a centre for young people aged between 5 and 25 years in March Cambridgeshire. A disused warehouse has been refurbished to offer ma...£200,00016/10/1996FenlandMillennium Commission
The Woodland TrustWorking with local communities this project will create 50 new woods covering 200 hectares across Northern Ireland Europe's least wooded province whic...£3,976,80725/09/1996North DownMillennium Commission
UHI Millennium InstituteThis project has created the UHI Millennium Institute a new Higher Education Institution with the long term ambition of full university status. The pr...£35,869,00025/09/1996HighlandMillennium Commission
Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO)An umbrella scheme that has provided funding for 55 new or upgraded community halls throughout rural Scotland.£7,799,62525/09/1996HighlandMillennium Commission
Rural Community Network Northern IrelandAn umbrella scheme funding 54 individual projects to establish or upgrade community halls throughout rural Northern Ireland.£4,683,86425/09/1996CookstownMillennium Commission
Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA)An umbrella scheme to fund 47 individual projects to establish new or upgraded community halls throughout Wales.£5,803,19125/09/1996ConwyMillennium Commission
Whittlesford Memorial Hall TrustA project to refurbish the Memorial Hall extension at Whittlesford Cambridgeshire and to provide a new high quality multi purpose building for the com...£160,00025/09/1996South CambridgeshireMillennium Commission
Carrickfergus Borough CouncilA project for the provision of a single storey multi purpose community centre in Glenfield a deprived area in the northern suburb of Carrickfergus Nor...£515,00025/09/1996CarrickfergusMillennium Commission
Cumnor Old School CharityThe Old School at Cumnor is being transformed into a new community centre with facilities designed to embrace the needs of the local people. This proj...£142,50025/09/1996Vale of White HorseMillennium Commission
Queens Park Football Club LimitedQueens Park Football Club Limited£24,200,00002/08/1996Glasgow CityMillennium Commission
Techniquest23 Awards made to science enthusiasts in Wales to enable them to carry out projects which engage the public in science through the arts.£333,07902/08/1996CardiffMillennium Commission
The Farmington Institute75 Awards to primary school teachers of religious education to research and study subjects that have a direct or indirect value to the teaching of RE ...£695,98802/08/1996OxfordMillennium Commission
Middleton Botanic GardenMiddleton Botanic Garden£22,243,37525/07/1996CarmarthenshireMillennium Commission
Earthwatch Europe565 Awards made to teachers throughout the UK to enable them to take part in an international environmental research project and to bring back the ski...£1,371,88122/07/1996OxfordMillennium Commission
Help the Aged1331 Awards made to people over 60 years for projects to combat isolation among the older people living in rural areas of the UK.£2,204,94422/07/1996IslingtonMillennium Commission
Burnley Borough CouncilA collection of environmental schemes which will increase the number of trees in and around Burnley. The four main elements are: 378 hectares of new w...£1,571,19817/07/1996BurnleyMillennium Commission
Parish of St Martin of Tours BasildonThe world's first fully glazed bell tower housing a peal of six medieval bells presented to the Parish Council at its consecration in 1962 and two new...£328,57017/07/1996BasildonMillennium Commission
The Church Council of the Parish of GodalmingThis project has refurbished and upgraded the existing community facility and added a new structure which houses a youth studio technology centre and ...£180,00017/07/1996WaverleyMillennium Commission
The Royal Society322 Awards made to professional scientists for community based initiatives which increase public awareness and understanding of science and technology...£1,524,36817/07/1996WestminsterMillennium Commission
Raleigh International Trust360 Awards made to young people in Leeds Merseyside and Cardiff which enabled them to take part in an international venture and use the skills learned...£1,764,88710/07/1996Hammersmith and FulhamMillennium Commission
The Prince's TrustThe Prince's Trust has offered 250 group Awards of around -ú10000. 2500 young people aged 14-25 years who are excluded from society and lack opportuni...£2,316,05310/07/1996CamdenMillennium Commission
The Botanic Centre Middlesbrough LimitedThis project will create a hydroponicum in a lakeside setting which will provide a range of unusual plants and flowers in different climatic environme...£1,257,94318/06/1996MiddlesbroughMillennium Commission
Countryside AgencyMore than 250 communities in England will benefit from their own Millennium Green. These greens are areas of open space to be enjoyed permanently by t...£9,883,29317/04/1996BirminghamMillennium Commission
Scottish Enterprise Fife Limited and Fife CouncilThis initiative will see more than 300-miles of new cycle routes in Fife by the end of 2001. The routes ranging from 15 miles to 109 miles use off-roa...£1,793,45017/04/1996FifeMillennium Commission
Action with the Communities in Rural England (ACRE)An umbrella scheme to establish or upgrade 163 community halls throughout England.£10,010,72103/04/1996CotswoldMillennium Commission
Church Floodlighting TrustAn umbrella project to floodlight 400 churches throughout the UK. The floodlighting is exemplar in terms of energy efficiency and environmental standa...£2,223,82603/04/1996WandsworthMillennium Commission
London Borough of Barking & DagenhamA new community facility for visitors in this reclaimed Country Park. The Centre focuses on environmental education nature conservation and informal r...£360,00003/04/1996Barking and DagenhamMillennium Commission
Tate GalleryTate Gallery£51,357,70016/03/1996WestminsterMillennium Commission
The Parochial Church Council of St Martha the HousewifeThe extension of a 1950's church provides a new community building and meeting hall child care facilities and vocational training facilities in an are...£243,60021/02/1996NottinghamMillennium Commission
Peterborough Environment City TrustA landscaped ecologically sustainable cycle route around Peterborough with radiating spokes connected to the city centre. The project includes cyclewa...£5,408,24621/02/1996PeterboroughMillennium Commission
London Borough of Tower HamletsThe transformation of this segmented and under-utilised open space into a park for the 21st Century is set to provide a model for future urban park de...£14,722,00921/02/1996Tower HamletsMillennium Commission
The Committee of Management of Grayswood Village HallA project to replace Grayswood Village Hall with a new facility designed to high environmental standards which meets the growing local demand for comm...£150,00021/02/1996WaverleyMillennium Commission
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