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RecipientProject descriptionGrant amount (£)Grant date Descending OrderLocal authorityDistributing body
SoundcastleCreative Families South East£14,99013/04/2016Waltham ForestArts Council England
The EquilibriumVintage Humans Festival£5,94006/04/2016Waltham ForestArts Council England
Deborah Jane NashMysteries in a Box£3,00006/04/2016Waltham ForestArts Council England
Karen RussoTET-Stadt£14,98706/04/2016Waltham ForestArts Council England
Matthew EberhardLearning from Accra and the Global South (AIDF)£5,00024/03/2016Waltham ForestArts Council England
Olie BriceOlie Brice Quintet Tour 2016£10,13816/03/2016Waltham ForestArts Council England
Chapel End Infant SchoolPrimary Spaces£1,83214/03/2016Waltham ForestSport England
Talia RandallBloodlines£14,93208/03/2016Waltham ForestArts Council England
Mark HolubLed Bib Showcase Performance at jazzahead!£2,92508/03/2016Waltham ForestArts Council England
Rendezvous Projects CICWE: The ex-Warner Estate in Waltham Forest£34,20003/03/2016Waltham ForestHeritage Lottery Fund
Linda MannheimRefugees in Australia - A Writing Project (AIDF)£4,75001/03/2016Waltham ForestArts Council England
The LimesThis is a new user-led project providing services to support vulnerable children and young people with learning difficulties and their families in a f...£399,89823/02/2016Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
The drawing shedThe group will use the funding to provide mentoring and baking workshops for local men, who will then mentor and enage young boys at risk of ASB in po...£9,68008/02/2016Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Sun Shiners GroupThe group will use the funding to deliver a programme of support services for Polish parents whose children are living with the effects of autism. Thi...£9,94302/02/2016Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
SpiritatoGuts and Glory: Ventless Trumpet Conference & Tour£14,98327/01/2016Waltham ForestArts Council England
Inclooduincloodu Deaf Arts Festival 2016£17,24026/01/2016Waltham ForestArts Council England
E17 Puppet ProjectThe group will use the funding to deliver a continuation of their interactive puppet workshops for children admitted to Whipps Cross, Royal London and...£9,80021/01/2016Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
WFWellComm CICThe Echo of History£10,00014/01/2016Waltham ForestHeritage Lottery Fund
African Heritage and Educational CentreUntold Story - West African Frontier Force£68,00014/01/2016Waltham ForestHeritage Lottery Fund
Leyton Orient TrustWomen's Football on the Home Front - East London£9,80014/01/2016Waltham ForestHeritage Lottery Fund
Lee Valley Regional Park Authority"Lea Valley Hockey & Tennis Centre, Hockey Enhancement Works"£300,00022/12/2015Waltham ForestSport England
John RossBlink - R&D£12,98218/12/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Sarah BaylissDrift Colombia 2016 (AIDF)£4,88218/12/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Lynette Lintonlightie Research and Development£6,48618/12/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Oliver CarruthersRich Mix Research & Development trip to Bangladesh£2,28811/12/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Chingford C of E Primary SchoolThe group will use the funding to purchase IT equipment that will form part of a cyber cafe for families. This will enable beneficiaries to learn abou...£10,00008/12/2015Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Snuff Box TheatreWeald at the Finborough Theatre£11,00008/12/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Shapeshifter Productions LtdEast Winds£14,99503/12/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Lucy FrostCircus and Street Theatre in Australia (AIDF)£5,00001/12/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Young and Talented LtdThe group will use the funding to deliver a pilot programme of personal development and drama workshops that will focus upon the needs of adults who a...£9,97523/11/2015Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
MaslahaMuslim Girls Fence£9,10020/11/2015Waltham ForestSport England
ELOPThe group will use the funding to deliver mental health and well-being workshops for the LGBT community. This will reduce stress and anxiety levels, l...£10,00017/11/2015Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Stoneydown Park Primary SchoolThe group will use the funding to link two new school sites by engaging with the local community and creating an informational art based trail reflect...£9,92511/11/2015Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
YLCThe group will use the funding to deliver a self esteem and confidence building programme aimed at young women within the local area. This will develo...£9,95006/11/2015Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Holy Family Catholic SchoolThe group will use the funding to deliver extracurricular sports activities for the benefit of young people who are experiencing the effects of social...£9,90006/11/2015Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Alina SerbanI Declare At My Own Risk£4,70003/11/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Maria FergusonFat Girls Don t Dance - Previews Tour£9,11027/10/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Suzann McLeanDying Out Loud£9,96420/10/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Daniel KellyDKUK Salon£14,99820/10/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Amy MasonWriting residency at Walthamstow Central Library£10,80014/10/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Ladders Young Performers and Writers ClubOur Changing Communities 1980 to 2015, Leyton (East London) Oral History£22,10008/10/2015Waltham ForestHeritage Lottery Fund
Leyton Orient TrustThe group will use the funding to run a healthy eating and physical activity programme for men aged 35-65. Staff at the charity will be trained in del...£7,16528/09/2015Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Adam McalaveyTomb: SPILL Festival of Performance 2015£7,94222/09/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Joshua KempJosh Kemp Jazz Quartet tour 2015£2,91017/09/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Saju HariBreaking Joint£15,00015/09/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Worth UnlimitedThe group will use the funding to deliver cooking workshops for local young people. This will encourage people to learn how to cook healthy meals, whi...£9,89114/09/2015Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Woodside Primary AcademyThe group will use the funding to provide holiday and after school clubs for upto 50 young people attending the school. Activities will include boxerc...£9,62504/09/2015Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
The Stow FestivalThe Stow Festival£7,11126/08/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Georgina HarperPop Circus£15,00026/08/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Natalie JohnTorchlight Poetry£6,74026/08/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Joy Gharoro-AkpojotorThe Immigrant R&D£8,55026/08/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Forest Young Men's Christian Association of East LondonThe project will deliver a range of free services to over 1000 young people aged 10-24 each year. The activities will include:- Social nights includin...£362,04025/08/2015Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Thomas BloorJELLICOE S DISPATCH or MERMAIDS OF JUTLAND£4,85412/08/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Parochial Church Council of the Parish of WalthamstowRestoring the Bells at St MaryÔÇÖs£85,00004/08/2015Waltham ForestHeritage Lottery Fund
Rebecca EvansResearch and Development for David£13,30027/07/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Woodford Rugby Ground LtdMain Pitch Drainage Project£7,00027/07/2015Waltham ForestSport England
Making it PossibleThe group will use the funding to deliver a twelve week employability skills course which will include various techniques for those who are NEET. This...£7,96424/07/2015Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Vertebra Theatre CompanyDark Matter£4,92721/07/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Kamala DevamCreation of new 20 min. dance piece by Kamala Devam£10,00021/07/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Our Lady St George's Catholic Primary SchoolLunchtime, holiday and after school activity sessions to pupils to encourage them to be more active.£9,94517/07/2015Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Lucy HarrisonWE: The ex-Warner Estate in Waltham Forest£14,50014/07/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Thomas Gamuel Primary SchoolThe group will use the funding to deliver a strengthening families programme to give parents support in meeting aims through workshops, training and d...£7,00010/07/2015Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Khyal ArtsIndian Music Meets Beatboxing£10,19309/07/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
St Mary with St Edward and St Luke, LeytonRediscovering St MaryÔÇÖs at Leyton£6,10008/07/2015Waltham ForestHeritage Lottery Fund
Carnesky Productions LtdDevelopment of Carnesky s Cabaret School£14,30023/06/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
The Asian Centre Waltham ForestWalthamstow Village Festival 2015 is an intergenerational multicultural event to bring local people together. in this geographically deprived area.£9,99222/06/2015Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Share UKBonding workshops for mothers and daughters on applying digital technology to traditional textile skills to help improve skills.£9,99619/06/2015Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Rehana ZamanA Movable Stage (working title)£4,53016/06/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Inspiration ArtsCarnival Arts Project£15,00002/06/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Mawuena KattahPatterns of People£19,65202/06/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
The Drawing ShedR&D: The Public Reading Wall & SoapBox£14,70027/05/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Cleon LordHype Masqueraders presents: ARIKARA£8,00013/05/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Share UKWomen activists of East London£57,90006/05/2015Waltham ForestHeritage Lottery Fund
Rebecca CrookshankWhiskey Tango Foxtrot the show - Final development£6,31706/05/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
ArtilleryThe group will use the funding to develop their current community volunteering programmes for the benefit of the local community. This will encourage ...£9,99805/05/2015Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Video in CommonVideo in Common and AQNB Partnership Project£15,00029/04/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Maria FergusonFat Girls Don t Dance R&D - Phase 1£5,41029/04/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Offstage Theatre Ltd.HOME?£14,98022/04/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Natalie JohnThis is the place£6,91022/04/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Carnesky Productions LtdR&D Scratch: Carnesky s Incredible Bleeding Woman£14,75015/04/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
TafahumContemporary Ensemble Workshops using Tafahum£8,40015/04/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Young And TalentedEast Side Story and Within the Windrush Dream£14,96210/04/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Ellingham Employment Services LimitedThe organisation will use the funding to pay for construction of a multi-purpose community centre. The new building will be used to house a new commun...£703,43308/04/2015Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Strung OutStrung Out Summer Showcase 2015£14,98401/04/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Stephanie SchoberTracing Gestures Extended (working title)£14,99601/04/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Lynette LintonChicken Palace (working title)£13,50001/04/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Hobo TheatrePeople Vs Democracy£9,77018/03/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Leyton Orient Community Sports ProgrammeClapton Orient FC and the Great War - They Took the Lead£34,80004/03/2015Waltham ForestHeritage Lottery Fund
Andrew ButtonThe Button Band Uk Tour£1,48604/03/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Tamil Elders Welfare Association Waltham Forest (TEWA)The group will use the funding to provide health, emotional, physical and well being sessions to isolated older people to. This will increase communit...£6,25626/02/2015Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Rebecca TargettNow This Is Not The End by Rose Lewenstein£14,99025/02/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
BAREtruth Theatre CompanyLittle Stitches - Showcasing and Development£15,00025/02/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Kate MummeryR&D Mentally Zero£13,74625/02/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Waltham Forest Arts in Education NetworkThis is a project by a community organisation in Waltham Forest. The group will use the funding to provide art activities for young disadvantaged peop...£10,00020/02/2015Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Daniel KellyDKUK- Haircuts in front of art.£14,99017/02/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
LaddersPop-up Puppets and Poetry in the Park£13,48517/02/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
OrganicLea Community GrowersThis community organisation will use the funding to engage low income households in growing, sharing, picking and eating locally grown fruit. This wil...£9,77016/02/2015Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Rebecca DaviesThe Oasis Social Club£44,64012/02/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
Waltham Forest Community Transport LtdThis is a project by a charity in Waltham Forest serving beneficiaries in Newham. The group will use the funding to provide trips throughout the year ...£8,25006/02/2015Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
201 Dance CompanyR&D and outreach pilot programme for If You Leave£6,78206/02/2015Waltham ForestArts Council England
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