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RecipientProject descriptionGrant amount (£)Grant date Descending OrderLocal authorityDistributing body
Guleraana MirCoconut£14,93311/10/2017Waltham ForestArts Council England
Greg WoheadCall it a Day Development Premiere and National Tour£46,94910/10/2017Waltham ForestArts Council England
Rebecca EvansDavid: Final Development and Touring£28,53709/10/2017Waltham ForestArts Council England
Stephen Laughton6EQUJ5£7,24103/10/2017Waltham ForestArts Council England
Sarah BlancSarah Blanc Company Development£26,91218/09/2017Waltham ForestArts Council England
London Borough of Waltham ForestThe Leyton Cricket Pavilion - Real food hub£1,777,70012/09/2017Waltham ForestHeritage Lottery Fund
Sir George Monoux CollegeActivate Your Future£111,34916/08/2017Waltham ForestSport England
TRiBEThis project will deliver a programme of digital skills and personal development workshops that will support women who face barriers to accessing supp...£10,00003/08/2017Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Sophie MallettUnderbelly Arts Festival 2017£4,10028/07/2017Waltham ForestArts Council England
Talia RandallWhat Words Are Ours - Innovation in Poetry - Research Trip£4,92428/07/2017Waltham ForestArts Council England
SoundcastleThis project will provide a variety of music, drama and mental health facilitation techniques for people experiencing mental ill health and work with ...£6,91127/07/2017Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
AIMCommunityFYTSOUND Records£28,26020/07/2017Waltham ForestArts Council England
Paul JellisKanye The First by Sam Steiner£29,80417/07/2017Waltham ForestArts Council England
Newtoy LtdSpatial Orchestra (working title)£14,71413/07/2017Waltham ForestArts Council England
Autism PIN (Parents In Need)This project will provide social skills training for children living with Autism Spectrum Disorder and help children and parents to provide peer suppo...£10,00005/07/2017Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Parochial Church Council of the Parish of WalthamstowA Creative Church for a Creative Community£1,674,40013/06/2017Waltham ForestHeritage Lottery Fund
Parish of ChingfordRepairing and Restoring our Grade II* Listed Church ÔÇô Phase A£250,00013/06/2017Waltham ForestHeritage Lottery Fund
Leyton Orient TrustPlaying in the Community: 80 Years of Leyton Orient Football Club 1937 - 2017£49,30007/06/2017Waltham ForestHeritage Lottery Fund
St Margaret of Antioch LeytonstoneRemembering Leytonstone Lives of the First World War£10,00007/06/2017Waltham ForestHeritage Lottery Fund
RAaW FoundationThis project will use funding to deliver various theatre productions and workshops to highlight the danger of grooming. This will teach the young peop...£9,94231/05/2017Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Suzann McLeanZion: New Youth musical play£9,50024/05/2017Waltham ForestArts Council England
Talia RandallTalia Randall£14,99524/05/2017Waltham ForestArts Council England
Walthamstow AcademyThis project will use funding to provide an online pastoral care support system for pupils. This will support the wellbeing of the girls and help them...£9,96019/05/2017Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
London Borough of Waltham Forest ? CultureThe Mix Walthamstow£40,00016/05/2017Waltham ForestArts Council England
The Winns Primary School, WalthamstowRemembering Together- A WW1 Schools/Community Commemoration Project£9,90010/05/2017Waltham ForestHeritage Lottery Fund
Alex Nikiporenko840: New Music for Piano£1,50010/05/2017Waltham ForestArts Council England
Jorge Lopes RamosJorge Lopes Ramos£5,00004/05/2017Waltham ForestArts Council England
Greg WoheadResidencies and connections in Flanders Germany and the Netherlands£4,98804/05/2017Waltham ForestArts Council England
Mr John K CresswellWho was then the Gentleman?£4,98904/05/2017Waltham ForestArts Council England
Active Change Foundation LtdThis group will continue to deliver and expand the reach of their Young Leaders Programme within the areas of Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest. The pr...£102,90327/04/2017Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
The Worth Foundation LimitedBasketball at Priory Court£5,65625/04/2017Waltham ForestSport England
The LimesThis group will expand their provision of free activities to five days a week after school during term time to 300 young people living with complex ne...£123,89325/04/2017Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Hilary PowellRing Cycle£11,00019/04/2017Waltham ForestArts Council England
Tamil Elders Welfare Association Waltham Forest (TEWA)The funding will be used to run yoga, simple exercise and nutritional classes for older people. The project aims to increase community participation i...£6,75415/04/2017Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Big Creative Training LimitedThis group will provide training to disadvantaged young people and young people not in education, employment, or training aged 14-18. They will offer ...£284,80012/04/2017Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Worth UnlimitedThis group will use the funding to continue to deliver free youth services from a youth bus and reach an additional three estates. They will also deve...£261,58911/04/2017Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Paul JellisALL THE THINGS I LIED ABOUT - Soho Theatre and Tour£15,00005/04/2017Waltham ForestArts Council England
Community Integration GroupThis project will provide heath workshops for unemployed people, build their confidence and support them to find work and volunteering opportunities.£9,81429/03/2017Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Makeda McMillanThat Thing In My Head£7,54028/03/2017Waltham ForestArts Council England
Sarah HarkinsSarah Harkins£15,00028/03/2017Waltham ForestArts Council England
Janine FrancoisA Seat At The Table£6,08028/03/2017Waltham ForestArts Council England
London Borough of Waltham ForestPlaying Pitch Strategy£5,00020/03/2017Waltham ForestSport England
E17 Puppet ProjectThis project will deliver a series of storytelling workshops for pre-school children. This will enable children to gain early development in language ...£9,98117/03/2017Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Waltham Forest Arts in Education NetworkThis project will deliver stress management and wellbeing workshops for young people, helping to address the pressures and challenges they face.£9,97815/03/2017Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
London Borough of Waltham ForestGREAT PLACE SCHEME: Creative Connections - Culture for All£1,355,60008/03/2017Waltham ForestHeritage Lottery Fund
WFCAThe project will use the funding to set up a social and peer support network for local carers. This will enable people to receive advice and guidance ...£6,95622/02/2017Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Life DreamsThis project will run a series of workshops for people experiencing the effects of obesity, providing opportunities to improve their fitness levels an...£9,98020/02/2017Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
London Borough of Waltham ForestChestnuts House Creative Enterprise Centre Feasibility Study£79,70002/02/2017Waltham ForestHeritage Lottery Fund
Woodside Primary AcademyThis project will provide exercise and dance clubs for children and parents, enabling them to take part in activities which improve their fitness and ...£10,00016/01/2017Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Chingford C Of E Primary SchoolParent fitness Clubs£9,00011/01/2017Waltham ForestSport England
Cleveland Park Residents' AssociationThis project will purchase gardening equipment and entertainment and will culminate in a street party for local residents. This will bring the communi...£51607/01/2017Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Gayle Chong KwanThe Peoples Forest£39,90404/01/2017Waltham ForestArts Council England
William Morris Community Centre Users AssociationThis project will deliver a programme of social and wellbeing activities that will support the needs of older black minority ethnic (BME) people who a...£5,40022/12/2016Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Greg WoheadCelebration Florida and Comeback Special Performances and Artist Development£12,22520/12/2016Waltham ForestArts Council England
Chris WilliamsLed Bib Japan Tour with Ryoko Ono£4,96512/12/2016Waltham ForestArts Council England
E17 Puppet ProjectComplete Sagas - Table Top Morris (working title)£14,99008/12/2016Waltham ForestArts Council England
Chris Goode and CompanyOrganisational Development£15,00008/12/2016Waltham ForestArts Council England
Create LondonThe History and Legacy of the Walthamstow School of Art£84,30001/12/2016Waltham ForestHeritage Lottery Fund
The Limes Community & ChildrenÔÇÖs CentreFun Factory: an exploration by learning disabled people of Waltham ForestÔÇÖs toy-making heritage£48,50001/12/2016Waltham ForestHeritage Lottery Fund
Parish Church of St Peter in the ForestSt PeterÔÇÖs: A Unique Forest Church£1,487,50030/11/2016Waltham ForestHeritage Lottery Fund
Sally's Kitchen CICThis project will use the funding to run an advice and information service in a deprived area of the community. This will provide information and supp...£8,19030/11/2016Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Waltham Forest Blind AssociationThis project will use the funding to run a community engagement group for visually impaired older people. This will reduce isolation and bring people ...£9,91630/11/2016Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
"Institute of Black Culture, Media and Sport C.I.C."Waltham Forest Ghanaian Community--Sports4Life Project£10,00022/11/2016Waltham ForestSport England
Mark HolubLed Bib UK Tour 2017£14,83015/11/2016Waltham ForestArts Council England
Candida Powell-WilliamsVernacular History of the Golden Rhubarb£8,66408/11/2016Waltham ForestArts Council England
Rebecca EvansResearch development and touring for David£27,70707/11/2016Waltham ForestArts Council England
Worth UnlimitedThis project is a programme of cooking workshops for local families. This will promote healthy eating and family engagement skills to improve health a...£6,77224/10/2016Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Lynette LintonHashtag Lightie£14,50019/10/2016Waltham ForestArts Council England
Darren HaymanThankful Villages Volume 3 (Re-submission)£15,00005/10/2016Waltham ForestArts Council England
Amy MasonMass - tour£1,95930/09/2016Waltham ForestArts Council England
Forest Recycling Project LimitedA new community-based volunteer project to support vulnerable adults suffering from unemployment and mental ill-health and social isolation. Through e...£177,78727/09/2016Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Jane CairnsHaptic/Tacit Catalogue£1,25022/09/2016Waltham ForestArts Council England
Dave ManingtonDave Manington s Riff Raff£9,85214/09/2016Waltham ForestArts Council England
London Borough Of Waltham ForestSalisbury Hall Sports Hub£383,25013/09/2016Waltham ForestSport England
Ainslie Wood Primary SchoolThe group will use the funding to run a programme teaching children about conflict resolution and helping to create a peace garden. This will encourag...£10,00008/09/2016Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
CTWFThe group will use the funding to deliver a series of excursions for children in care who are experiencing the effects of complex levels of disadvanta...£7,50008/09/2016Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Kids KitchenThe group will use the funding to deliver healthy cooking sessions for the local community. This will improve the life skills of local beneficiaries a...£9,86305/09/2016Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
South Grove Primary SchoolThis project will use the funding to support the delivery of a programme of new educational support sessions for mothers who have limited access to ch...£9,04805/09/2016Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Daniel KellyDKUK Salon phase 3.2£14,99030/08/2016Waltham ForestArts Council England
Art CatcherBreaking The Mould£4,42030/08/2016Waltham ForestArts Council England
Carers TrustThis project aims to provide a comprehensive package of support for unemployed and economically inactive carers within North East and North West Londo...£600,00024/08/2016Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Henry Maynard Primary School And NurseryThe group will use the funding to run after school fitness clubs for children. This will enable beneficiaries, in particular those who do not currentl...£9,75023/08/2016Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Stephanie SchoberTracing Gestures 3£15,00023/08/2016Waltham ForestArts Council England
Active Change Foundation LtdThe group will use the funding to improve the confidence and self-esteem of young women in the local area using motivational speakers. This will lead ...£3,00018/08/2016Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Elizabeth LiburdMuvvahood£12,30316/08/2016Waltham ForestArts Council England
Carers TrustThe project will be led by Carers Trust (CT) and delivered in partnership with 13 local carers' organisations (called Network Partners) located across...£413,68012/08/2016Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Chingford Hall Primary AcademyThe group will use the funding to create a roofed canopy for the school?s playground. This will improve an outdoor environment at the school and provi...£10,00010/08/2016Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Joshua KempJazz Quartet Tour Rare Groove£3,98610/08/2016Waltham ForestArts Council England
The Hornbeam CentreThe group will use the funding to run a series of parenting workshops. This will enable participants to learn new skills and gain knowledge about the ...£9,70708/08/2016Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Shapeshifter ProductionsThe Smiling Sessions£14,55504/08/2016Waltham ForestArts Council England
Pak Cultural SocietyThis project will use the funding to put on a multicultural event to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the independence of Pakistan. The project will ...£9,95003/08/2016Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Jamie FitzpatrickEastside International LA£4,24728/07/2016Waltham ForestArts Council England
Carnesky ProductionsPop up alternative theatre school in Soho London£15,00027/07/2016Waltham ForestArts Council England
Young and TalentedTake The Stage Youth Theatre Festival£15,00020/07/2016Waltham ForestArts Council England
Amelia CavalloLady in the Dark£7,00014/07/2016Waltham ForestArts Council England
A Better Way Partnership CICThe group will use the funding to deliver a motivational programme of activities for young people who live in communities that are experiencing the ef...£8,35513/07/2016Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
The Huddleston Centre In HackneyThe group will use the funding to deliver a series of nature roadshow events that will engage people in a community that is experiencing the effects o...£10,00013/07/2016Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Lucy FrostClub Silly Sideshow Festival£14,98513/07/2016Waltham ForestArts Council England
Beatroots Creative CICPunk Waltham Forest 2016£9,90006/07/2016Waltham ForestHeritage Lottery Fund
Rhiannon ArmstrongPublic Selfcare System£13,79706/07/2016Waltham ForestArts Council England
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