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RecipientProject descriptionGrant amount (£)Grant date Descending OrderLocal authorityDistributing body
Dave PickeringForty Hall Candlelit Tours£6,00007/10/2014Waltham ForestArts Council England
Waltham Forest Arts In Education NetworkSpoken Word Education Programme£15,00001/10/2014Waltham ForestArts Council England
East London BrassDerek Bourgeois Commission/Concert£2,44830/09/2014Waltham ForestArts Council England
The Stow FestivalThe Stow Festival£6,29025/09/2014Waltham ForestArts Council England
Jenny RichardsManual Labours: The Body at Work£15,00010/09/2014Waltham ForestArts Council England
TSP YOUTH SPACEThe group will use the funding to start a weekly youth club for teenagers with Autism, including a range of activities such as music, cookery and spor...£7,08005/09/2014Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
E17 Puppet ProjectIn the Shadow of the War£14,99603/09/2014Waltham ForestArts Council England
William Morris GalleryThe William Morris Family Album (working title)£15,00003/09/2014Waltham ForestArts Council England
Antler TheatreWhere The White Stops - Regional Tour£14,96026/08/2014Waltham ForestArts Council England
The Limes Community And Children's CentreThe group will use the funding to purchase furniture, equipment and storage facilities for the centre, used by young people with learning disabilities...£9,61420/08/2014Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Stuart WatersArtist Development & R&D£8,24620/08/2014Waltham ForestArts Council England
Hilary PowellPop Up Pop Up£15,00019/08/2014Waltham ForestArts Council England
Addictive Television LtdOrchestra of Samples£14,97019/08/2014Waltham ForestArts Council England
DVAThe diaspora group will use the funding to improve their web based IT facilities so volunteers can utilise them easier and for a conference on support...£9,94012/08/2014Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
African Heritage and Educational CentreForgotten History£10,00006/08/2014Waltham ForestHeritage Lottery Fund
Carla WrightMake Use£2,00031/07/2014Waltham ForestArts Council England
Eleanor MassieCathy s Kitchen R&D£4,10029/07/2014Waltham ForestArts Council England
Custom/PracticeRomeo and Juliet 2014£15,00028/07/2014Waltham ForestArts Council England
Willowfield Humanities CollegeThe group will use the funding to provide a programme of extracurricular physical activity and healthy eating sessions as well as leadership qualifica...£9,07021/07/2014Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Sandbrook Community Playgroup LimitedThe group will use the funding to run yoga classes for children that attend the playgroup. This will provide participants from disadvantaged backgroun...£7,27817/07/2014Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Michael WhelanIf Not Now, When?£12,48617/07/2014Waltham ForestArts Council England
Stoneydown Park Primary SchoolPrimary Spaces£30,00016/07/2014Waltham ForestSport England
Chapel End Infant SchoolPrimary Spaces£30,00014/07/2014Waltham ForestSport England
The Digging Deep Show (DDS)The group will use the funding to deliver a programme to improve life expectancy and reduce risk associated with premature deaths from cardiovascular ...£10,00011/07/2014Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Coppermill Primary SchoolPrimary Spaces£30,00009/07/2014Waltham ForestSport England
St Josephs Catholic Junior SchoolPrimary Spaces£30,00009/07/2014Waltham ForestSport England
Eastside Community HeritageThe War Hospital: Stories from Whipps Cross£9,80009/07/2014Waltham ForestHeritage Lottery Fund
Rebecca CrookshankResearch & development for a one woman show£4,97208/07/2014Waltham ForestArts Council England
Leytonstone Festival AssociationLeytonstone Festival£8,00001/07/2014Waltham ForestArts Council England
Lynette LintonChicken Shop (Research and Development)£10,45623/06/2014Waltham ForestArts Council England
Deborah NashThe Walthamstow Mysteries£1,85017/06/2014Waltham ForestArts Council England
Sophie MurphyQuiet Violence by Sophie Rose: R&D at Roundhouse£4,46017/06/2014Waltham ForestArts Council England
Strung OutStrung Out Summer Showcase 2014£12,56817/06/2014Waltham ForestArts Council England
Kelmscott SchoolWriter in Residence£6,45013/06/2014Waltham ForestArts Council England
Sir George Monoux CollegeMonoux Sports Activation Project£59,88306/06/2014Waltham ForestSport England
Harrow Green Community LibraryHarrow Green Community Library£8,62004/06/2014Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Majlis Waris Shah UKThe group will use the funding to deliver arts activities for disadvantaged older BME people. This will provide beneficiaries with new engaging opport...£6,90003/06/2014Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Age UK Waltham ForestThis is a project by a charity in Waltham Forest. The group will use the funding to introduce older people to information communication technology thr...£6,32929/05/2014Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Ladders Young Performers Writers ClubThe group will use the funding to develop from a successful pilot project by delivering a weekly after school club, offering a variety of activities f...£7,88017/05/2014Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Maya LevyThe Adventures of Nellie Bly£8,80912/05/2014Waltham ForestArts Council England
Ad LuminaSheffield Fringe£5,75012/05/2014Waltham ForestArts Council England
Inspiration ArtsCarnival Arts project£36,03008/05/2014Waltham ForestArts Council England
Ellingham Employment Services LimitedEllingham Employment Services (EES) is a limited company and registered charity established in 1985. They provide vocational and support services for ...£28,00006/05/2014Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
The Asian Centre Waltham ForestThis is a project by a charity in Waltham Forest. The group will use the funding to deliver a mentoring project for disadvantaged young people. This w...£9,44201/05/2014Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Coppermill Primary SchoolThe group will use the funding to purchase play equipment for an outdoor space where pupils and the wider community can engage in regular physical act...£10,00028/04/2014Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Focus For LifeFamily Album/Letter To A Missing Relative£14,80024/04/2014Waltham ForestArts Council England
Stephanie SchoberTracing Gestures£6,21024/04/2014Waltham ForestArts Council England
London Borough of Waltham ForestFrank Brangwyn at the William Morris Gallery£12,30008/04/2014Waltham ForestHeritage Lottery Fund
Young And TalentedSummer Time BYT£13,00018/03/2014Waltham ForestArts Council England
The Galloping CuckoosCanopy of Eyes£8,00011/03/2014Waltham ForestArts Council England
Active Community EventsProject is Waltham Forest based. The group will use the funding to deliver a programme of culturally themed youth activities, educational support and ...£9,99010/03/2014Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Larkswood Primary SchoolThe school will use the funding to create a community garden and allotment for extracurricular activities and the use of the community. This will impr...£9,28206/03/2014Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Carla WrightVorkurs - a project by Vulpes Vulpes£3,23004/03/2014Waltham ForestArts Council England
WFWellComm CICThis is a project by a community organisation in Waltham Forest. The group will use the funding for the publication and distribution of a community ne...£9,99421/02/2014Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Newham Community Renewal Programme LimitedThe charity in Newham will use the funding to gather video insights from young people and adults on community safety and social issues. This will help...£9,32019/02/2014Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Waltham Forest Race Equality CouncilThe group will use the funding to provide training to staff, volunteers and trustees in governance, organisational development and legal advice, which...£10,00012/02/2014Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Talia RandallExpectation£14,98507/02/2014Waltham ForestArts Council England
East London Out ProjectThis is a project by a charity in Waltham Forest. The group will use the funding to provide an LGBT network, counselling services and ICT skills for o...£10,00006/02/2014Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
The Drawing ShedLive Else[w]here£14,12005/02/2014Waltham ForestArts Council England
London Borough of Waltham ForestWalthamstow St James - 'History, economy, community'£1,998,50027/01/2014Waltham ForestHeritage Lottery Fund
Mark HolubLed Bib 10th Anniversary Tour£11,14620/01/2014Waltham ForestArts Council England
Jessica VoorsangerJessica Voorsanger: The Impostor Series£10,00017/01/2014Waltham ForestArts Council England
The McOnie CompanyDrunk£14,44916/01/2014Waltham ForestArts Council England
Chingford CofE Federated Infant & Junior SchoolThis is a project by a school in Waltham Forest. The group will use the funding to create and install an adventure playground area that features a sal...£9,98515/01/2014Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Nikolaj NielsenOuch!£14,95813/01/2014Waltham ForestArts Council England
Haringey Sixth Form CentreThe project by an academy in Haringey will use the funding to deliver a dance and mentoring programme for young female pupils from two local secondary...£1,65009/01/2014Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Rehana ZamanBittermen£10,13517/12/2013Waltham ForestArts Council England
Primrose Fostering LimitedThis is a project by a community organisation in Newham. The group will use the funding to provide members of the public who want to become foster car...£9,99012/12/2013Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Clio's CompanyWatercress Beds to One-Way Streets: 120 years of the Queen's Road area of Walthamstow£53,30011/12/2013Waltham ForestHeritage Lottery Fund
Makeda McMillanResolution£8,99010/12/2013Waltham ForestArts Council England
Woodford Rugby Ground LtdMain Pitch Drainage Project£36,00010/12/2013Waltham ForestSport England
Asha PhillipsBrand Me£12,00003/12/2013Waltham ForestArts Council England
Together North LondonThis is a project by a community organisation in Haringey. The group will use the funding to set up a tender alert service for voluntary and community...£10,00002/12/2013Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Share UKThis is a project by a community organisation in Waltham Forest. The group will use the funding to deliver basic programming skills workshops for pred...£9,84530/11/2013Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Peter SalmonThe Passion of Charles Edward Birtwhistle£5,00027/11/2013Waltham ForestArts Council England
Southall Black SistersThis funding will go towards the development of an existing project in West London providing specialist services to vulnerable BME women. The project ...£292,29426/11/2013Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Independence Disability Services (IDS)This charity in Waltham Forest will use the funding to raise awareness about disability and provide a dedicated advice and outreach service for people...£10,00026/11/2013Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
The Fingersmithsnational tour FROZEN by Bryony Lavery£84,48819/11/2013Waltham ForestArts Council England
Tessa GarlandSleep Walk£6,50006/11/2013Waltham ForestArts Council England
Adam KossoffANIMAL ARCHITECTURE£9,84031/10/2013Waltham ForestArts Council England
NYLon ProductionsR&D/Commission of The Brooklyn Bumpkin£14,30030/10/2013Waltham ForestArts Council England
Kuumba Youth MusicThe Advance Network: Leadership, Diversity and ChangeSpolighting: Musical Generations£45,34029/10/2013Waltham ForestArts Council England
Paula DavidDiscovering British Caribbean Heritage£13,50009/10/2013Waltham ForestArts Council England
Children of Congo Foundation (CCF)Children of Congo Foundation (CCF)£8,41007/10/2013Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Independence Disability Services (IDS)Independence Disability Services (IDS)£10,00007/10/2013Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Kuumba Youth MusicSupporting Musical Transitions£15,00003/10/2013Waltham ForestArts Council England
Alke SchmidtCotton Yarns exhibition at William Morris Gallery£9,42501/10/2013Waltham ForestArts Council England
Ben CainDown-Time£6,50001/10/2013Waltham ForestArts Council England
Andrew CronshawSANS UK tour and CD£13,40018/09/2013Waltham ForestArts Council England
Shapeshifter Productions LtdSmiling Sessions with Ascham Homes£9,66805/09/2013Waltham ForestArts Council England
High Cross United Reform ChurchThis is a project by a Community organisation in Haringey, London. The group will use the funding to run a club throughout school holidays for young p...£6,50004/09/2013Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
FLEX- UKThis is a project by a charity in Waltham Forest. The group will use the funding to deliver an empowerment mentoring conference and sessions for young...£9,30029/08/2013Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Liam NobleLiam Noble s "Brother Face"£7,45029/08/2013Waltham ForestArts Council England
The Rich Mix Cultural FoundationThis is a project by a charity in Tower Hamlets. The group will use the funding to deliver an art project and exhibition aimed at bringing women from ...£8,84628/08/2013Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Ruth Winston CentreThis is a project by a charity in Enfield. The organisation will use the funding to upgrade their IT systems as their existing system are outdate and ...£9,42828/08/2013Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
Walthamstow Cricket Tennis & Squash Club LtdLadies shower and Changing rooms£44,40028/08/2013Waltham ForestSport England
Chantelle MichauxSpoken Word Education Training Programme£75,96528/08/2013Waltham ForestArts Council England
Derek BondMicrocosm by Matt Hartley£12,46627/08/2013Waltham ForestArts Council England
Janine FrancoisRe-Introducing Oshun (October 2013)£5,08427/08/2013Waltham ForestArts Council England
Guba FoundationThis is a project by a community organisation in Newham. The group will run parenting and life skills training course for parents whose children live ...£9,21420/08/2013Waltham ForestBig Lottery Fund
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