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RecipientProject descriptionGrant amount (£)Grant date Descending OrderLocal authorityDistributing body
Chasney MaturineCarnival£7,21027/07/2016LutonArts Council England
Luton Community Housing LimitedThis project will support people who are homeless and living in temporary hostel accommodation. The group will provide cognitive behavioural therapy t...£277,44829/06/2016LutonBig Lottery Fund
Kadam Asian Dance and Music LtdThe Rose and the Bulbul£10,50029/06/2016LutonArts Council England
Runaway Media LimitedThis organisation will use the funding on workshops to explore how personal, cultural and religious differences can contribute to conflict and what yo...£9,35019/06/2016LutonBig Lottery Fund
Caraline: Eating Disorders Counselling and Support ServiceThis charity will use the funding to offer a weight management programme for obese patients, to include psychological intervention alongside supported...£8,32016/06/2016LutonBig Lottery Fund
Jean Abreu Dance LtdSolo for Two£15,00015/06/2016LutonArts Council England
Luton Borough CouncilSwim Pilot Phase 3£20,00002/06/2016LutonSport England
Crescent Summer School ProjectBoys Active Project£8,62023/05/2016LutonSport England
Luton Borough CouncilCommunity Access to Schools in Luton£40,00018/05/2016LutonSport England
The Meads Primary SchoolThis school will use the funding to create an outdoor play space by installing fixed play equipment on an unused piece of land in the school grounds. ...£10,00005/05/2016LutonBig Lottery Fund
Level TrustThis charity will use the funding to enlist the services of a research specialist to conduct an in-depth and independent evaluation of its existing wo...£9,84029/04/2016LutonBig Lottery Fund
Luton Borough CouncilLuton Investment Programme£60,30029/04/2016LutonArts Council England
Luton Choral SocietyOpera Event July 2016£3,68027/04/2016LutonArts Council England
Active LutonCSP Funding 2014-17£57,99925/04/2016LutonSport England
Luton Cultural Services TrustLuton Investment Programme£375,00021/04/2016LutonArts Council England
Dallow Learning Community Centre User CommitteeThis organisation will use the funding to deliver a health and wellbeing programme for over 50s and vulnerable women including activities such as boar...£9,34518/04/2016LutonBig Lottery Fund
Blenheim Crescent Baptist ChurchThis organisation will use the funding to work with local groups and residents to train and recruit volunteers. This will provide local residents with...£9,74015/04/2016LutonBig Lottery Fund
University of BedfordshireLuton Investment Programme£374,99315/04/2016LutonArts Council England
Grasmere Nursery SchoolThis nursery school will use the funding to install new rubber surfacing in the play area. This will provide a safe play area for pupils to play, soci...£9,95013/04/2016LutonBig Lottery Fund
Luton Association of MasProject XXX£12,07516/03/2016LutonArts Council England
Kadam Dance & MusicMy Soul is Alight - kathak and odissi double bill£14,70510/03/2016LutonArts Council England
The Centre for All Families Positive Health (CAFPH)This charity will use the funding to establish a choir for people living with HIV. This will provide a fun social activity to relieve stress, reduce i...£10,00009/03/2016LutonBig Lottery Fund
Lewsey United Social ClubThis organisation will use the funding to run wellbeing activities, including arts and crafts workshops and physical exercise and mental stimulation s...£8,76022/02/2016LutonBig Lottery Fund
Friends of the Bright Eyes ProjectThis charity will use the funding to run an activity club for children and people with disabilities and special needs. This will reduce the isolation ...£8,47620/02/2016LutonBig Lottery Fund
Active LutonCSP Funding 2014-17£504,98912/02/2016LutonSport England
Luton Town Sports ClubCricket Square Levelling project£1,80011/02/2016LutonSport England
Bristol Road Community GroupThis organisation will use the funding to provide a range of health and social activities including health checks, advocacy support and social events ...£10,00031/01/2016LutonBig Lottery Fund
UK Centre for Carnival ArtsLuton Carnival 40 - "The Sky s The Limit"£98,00027/01/2016LutonArts Council England
The Shared Learning TrustThis charity will use the funding to deliver a 12 week after school pilot project for vulnerable students from year groups 8 to 11. This will provide ...£10,00020/01/2016LutonBig Lottery Fund
Luton Irish ForumLuton 2016£59,80018/01/2016LutonHeritage Lottery Fund
Luton Borough CouncilThe funding will be used to develop a social impact bond providing sustainable, long-term services for working people and families to reduce homelessn...£80,00011/01/2016LutonBig Lottery Fund
Thomas KingBlip x Santuri (AIDF)£5,00017/12/2015LutonArts Council England
The Childcare AcademyThis organisation will use the funding to purchase equipment and deliver educational and social activities to mothers from BME communities. Training w...£9,08007/12/2015LutonBig Lottery Fund
BatighorThe organisation will use funding to work with young people to develop their cultural talents. This project will help develop community cohesion betwe...£4,80503/12/2015LutonBig Lottery Fund
Luton Borough CouncilThis grant will be used to develop plans to support young unemployed people, BME groups, people 45 and over, carers, adults with mental health issues ...£40,00002/12/2015LutonBig Lottery Fund
Active LutonFemale Coaching Fund£18,00001/12/2015LutonSport England
Mind BLMKLuton Hoo Memorial Park garden restoration£9,30024/11/2015LutonHeritage Lottery Fund
Wenlock CofE Junior SchoolThis school will use the funding to redevelop part of its outdoor area to install a trim trail and establish after school fitness classes for pupils a...£10,00017/11/2015LutonBig Lottery Fund
Stockwood Park Rugby Football Club LimitedStockwood Park RFC - Floodlight & Bar Project£62,66127/10/2015LutonSport England
HR TuitionThe organisation will use the funding to deliver extracurricular study and support sessions to local young people, particularly those from Pakistani a...£9,92824/10/2015LutonBig Lottery Fund
Creative Vision Luton LimitedThe organisation will use the funding to recruit 12 people from local ethnic communities to develop a short film about domestic violence that will be ...£9,72022/10/2015LutonBig Lottery Fund
Jean Abreu DanceA Thread UK Premiere, Residencies & Business Dev£49,50012/10/2015LutonArts Council England
Luton Town Sports ClubLuton Town & Indians - Phase 3 development£14,32312/10/2015LutonSport England
Parish of All Saints with St PetersThe organisation will use the funding to set up a community gardening club to improve community access to land in the local church, school and wider c...£8,80002/10/2015LutonBig Lottery Fund
Community Interest Luton CICThe organisation will use the funding to establish a training and skills hub targeted at young people who are aged 16-19 years old who are experiencin...£9,95002/10/2015LutonBig Lottery Fund
Luton West Indian Community AssociationThe organisation will use the funding to provide health and well being activities and advocacy sessions for older people in Luton. This will provide p...£9,98430/09/2015LutonBig Lottery Fund
Dallow StreetzThe organisation will use the funding to extend the youth services that they provide to allow the inclusion of more beneficiaries in this deprived com...£9,24728/09/2015LutonBig Lottery Fund
One Stop Advice & Training CentreOur Past - Our Present£35,00023/09/2015LutonHeritage Lottery Fund
Presentation Court Residents AssociationThe organisation will use the funding to establish creative, social and physical activities for residents of a sheltered housing scheme. This will ena...£10,00022/09/2015LutonBig Lottery Fund
Alcohol Services For The CommunityThe organisation will plan and deliver a conference that will bring together the general public and professionals from health, criminal justice, educa...£6,51017/09/2015LutonBig Lottery Fund
UNIKAThe organisation will use the funding to purchase music and sound technology equipment and start delivering workshops to young adults from disadvantag...£9,60010/09/2015LutonBig Lottery Fund
Asian Welfare Association of LutonThe organisation will use the funding to offer advice and support about mental health, diet, nutrition and healthy eating for older Asian women. This ...£3,89709/09/2015LutonBig Lottery Fund
Kadam Dance & MusicOdissi on the Move£12,90009/09/2015LutonArts Council England
Bengali Womens' ProjectThe organisation will use the funding to deliver fitness and recreational activities for local girls, which will include swimming, archery, self defen...£9,94010/08/2015LutonBig Lottery Fund
Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment Museum TrustThe Yellow Devils - The 1st/5th Bedfordshire Regiment in Gallipoli£9,40028/07/2015LutonHeritage Lottery Fund
Luton Mela GroupLuton Mela 2015 - Celebrating 15 years£5,00022/07/2015LutonArts Council England
Rhythm JunkeysThis is a project to to deliver positive activities to young people from deprived communities. This will enable the group to provide children and youn...£7,80009/07/2015LutonBig Lottery Fund
YouthscapeBute Mills Exhibition Centre£10,00001/07/2015LutonArts Council England
YouthscapeBute Mills Young People's Heritage Project£34,30025/06/2015LutonHeritage Lottery Fund
Luton Town & Indians Cricket ClubNew Roller Project£10,00021/05/2015LutonSport England
Shri Guru Ravidass Sangat Luton BedfordshireThe organisation will use the funding to deliver basic IT skills workshops to older people, people who are unemployed or people who have been made red...£9,63015/05/2015LutonBig Lottery Fund
Luton Women's AidThe organisation will use the funding to train staff to deliver a support programme for women who have experienced domestic abuse. This will enable st...£9,30513/05/2015LutonBig Lottery Fund
Crescent Summer School ProjectThe organisation will use the funding to work with children and young people to plan and deliver an activity club for young people from predominantly ...£10,00012/05/2015LutonBig Lottery Fund
Foxdell Infant SchoolThe organisation will use the funding to extend its current play area by installing new outdoor equipment. This will enable the group to provide pupil...£10,00014/04/2015LutonBig Lottery Fund
African Diaspora Youth AllianceThe organisation will use the funding to purchase equipment and deliver a project providing young people from BME communities with experience of produ...£9,60003/04/2015LutonBig Lottery Fund
Luton Association of MasStepping Up£13,43018/03/2015LutonArts Council England
Dominic Allan2015£49,80017/03/2015LutonArts Council England
Dilkhush Wellbeing ClubTo deliver English language classes and support to older people from local BME communities, particularly Asian communities. This will enable older ser...£2,30016/03/2015LutonBig Lottery Fund
Bedfordhsire Deaf Children's SocietyThe funding will be used to deliver a holiday activity scheme for children who are deaf or hard of hearing and their families.£6,22911/03/2015LutonBig Lottery Fund
Revellers SteelbandRevellers Steelband Development Project£13,94004/03/2015LutonArts Council England
Lewsey Farm Learning CentreThis charity will use the funding to deliver English lessons focusing on vocabulary relating to sexual and reproductive health, UK law relating to wom...£9,98019/02/2015LutonBig Lottery Fund
UK Centre for Carnival ArtsSpectacle of Carnival (II)£171,83416/02/2015LutonArts Council England
Kerry CampbellThe Midas Touch - ANTIdote£14,75011/02/2015LutonArts Council England
Kadam Dance & MusicBetween the Notes- celebrating voice and movement£10,77506/02/2015LutonArts Council England
Active LutonCSP Funding 2014-17£1,083,09505/02/2015LutonSport England
Grassroots ProgrammeThis is a project by a registered charity in Luton. The organisation will use the funding to deliver a community performance with a band made up of me...£8,91527/01/2015LutonBig Lottery Fund
Departure LoungeDeparture Lounge Contemporary Art£14,99515/01/2015LutonArts Council England
Apex Aid LutonThis voluntary organisation in Luton will use the funding to deliver a project aimed at helping people from South Asian communities to adopt healthier...£10,00012/01/2015LutonBig Lottery Fund
St Kitts Nevis & FriendsThis voluntary organisation will use the funding to deliver activities focusing on improving the health and wellbeing of older people from African Car...£8,29908/01/2015LutonBig Lottery Fund
How It Ended ProductionsThe Wild Research and Development Project£8,99007/01/2015LutonArts Council England
Dallow Development Trust LimitedThis is a project by an incorporated charity in Luton. The organisation will use the funding t replace old, broken and unsafe furniture and flooring, ...£9,86905/01/2015LutonBig Lottery Fund
Active LutonWalking Sport for Older Men£40,10018/12/2014LutonSport England
The NOAH EnterpriseThe project will support an additional 150 homeless and long-term unemployed people in the Luton area by training them to refurbish donated items of f...£48,99511/12/2014LutonBig Lottery Fund
Sacred Heart Primary SchoolThis primary school will use the funding to develop a garden, play area and outdoor classroom on unused land to extend an existing family room for use...£7,49503/12/2014LutonBig Lottery Fund
Luton Sixth Form CollegeLuton Sixth Form College Sport+ Programme£9,95901/12/2014LutonSport England
The Walk to Freedom LtdThe organisation will use the funding to deliver drug awareness, healthy living and physical activity workshops to local residents from African Caribb...£6,61531/10/2014LutonBig Lottery Fund
Chantry Primary AcademyThis primary school will use the funding to create an outdoor play area with an allotment, yurt and areas for sensory activities. This will enable the...£9,96924/10/2014LutonBig Lottery Fund
Kashmir Bhawan CentreThe organisation will use the funding to deliver a series of events around the region celebrating cultures and traditions from Asia, particularly from...£8,20016/10/2014LutonBig Lottery Fund
Protect ProjectThe organisation will use the funding to deliver child protection training sessions for community and faith leaders, faith workers and members of cong...£7,98516/10/2014LutonBig Lottery Fund
Active Luton (Trust)Bedfordshire and Luton School Games Level 3 County Festival£44,98915/10/2014LutonSport England
MF Youth ConsultantsThe organisation will use the funding to work in partnership with the local Police force to deliver awareness training workshops for local residents a...£9,56014/10/2014LutonBig Lottery Fund
Well Springs Community Services CICThis community interest company will use the funding to recruit specialist staff who will work on a sessional basis focusing on the group?s main proje...£10,00001/10/2014LutonBig Lottery Fund
Luton Town Sports ClubLuton Town & Indians - Phase 3 development£76,00030/09/2014LutonSport England
Karen ThurmanOn Your Doorstep£14,00025/09/2014LutonArts Council England
Hillborough Junior SchoolThe organisation create an outdoor learning and wildlife area on the grounds of the school and establish a nature club that will be run outside of sch...£9,96905/09/2014LutonBig Lottery Fund
Nine RedDarkness Makes Sense...In The Light£13,86403/09/2014LutonArts Council England
Jean Abreu DanceCreation of (A) Thread, artistic & org development£73,00002/09/2014LutonArts Council England
Lutonian Cricket ClubLutonian CC - Return to Luton - the next stage£9,92901/09/2014LutonSport England
Rett UK LtdThis is a project serving beneficiaries across England. The group will use the funding to deliver a residential weekend for families who have a child ...£9,97029/08/2014LutonBig Lottery Fund
Crawley Green and Wenlock Pre-SchoolThis primary school in Luton will use its funding to purchase resources to aid their education including modern IT equipment and multicultural play an...£2,48515/08/2014LutonBig Lottery Fund
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